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How Should a Woman Deal Her Man’s ED Issues?

If you are a woman, you might often have this experience where you are ready and good to go for your sexual acts, however, you suddenly see that that your male compatriot rejects it and the entire act gets flushed away. Well, although some might blame the situation on the mood of an individual, but the complication can be too serious and might take a medical turn. If this phenomenon is not for the first time, then it is your responsibility to investigate the matter. There might be the probabilities of his lack of interest in you, extramarital affairs, his sexual preferences and a lot more. These are some of the curiosities which might be revolving through your head, but you should look into the matter and sort it out with your partner for a better sexual satisfaction.

But, although there are chances of the above mentioned probabilities, yet, it has been seen that in 90 percent of such cases, the actual culprit is none other than the erectile dysfunction.

Understand your Man’s Feelings

Try to Understand your Man’s Feelings and Objections

On one hand, societies often criticise the concept of a good conversation and communication between the two partners regarding sex, and if the complication of erectile dysfunction comes to the foray, it becomes even more taboo, and the deniability which comes along with it makes the situation far worse than actually thought of.

According to a leading professor at the Thomas Jefferson University and the author of the bestseller Magnetic Partners, Dr. Stephen Joseph Betchen, our societies are mainly very male centric and this is the sole reason that the men are not able to express their sexual problems with an open and wide heart. It is always considered that the man should be the in-charge of a relationship, should possess a rough and tough attitude along with stoicism and strength, and due to these societal peer pressures, a man is unable or even hesitant to speak freely about his sexual issues. It is thought to be embarrassing and shameful for the men who complain about their problems and issues.

What are the Reasons Bothering your Man’s Erection?

As the other concerned half of the relationship, it is your sole duty to enquire about your man’s problems and find out the causes which are causing these issues. It has been seen that erectile dysfunctions can be prompted from a bunch of reasons, which include mental, physical, emotional as well as social reasons. According to Dr. Megan Fleming who is a leading sex and marriage specialist at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, a simple hectic work schedule or an insecurity regarding one’s job are more than sufficient enough to induce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in a man and throw him out off his natural game.

Dr. Fleming has also stated that the lack of rest hours among today’s generation is one of the most crucial reasons for the initiation of the symptoms of erectile dysfunctions. Although it is very much probable that a medical situation is behind the occurrences of ED, yet, if such things occur, one should always visit the doctor at the earliest.

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