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Why Erectile Dysfunction is Dysfunctional?

The men who could not get a rock hard erection during the sexual intercourse are said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. People often confuse erectile dysfunction from impotence. The difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction is that impotence is a short term problem.

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It is a fact that at some point of time, every single post pubescent male suffers from erectile dysfunction of some form. Mostly it is “one off” and does not require any sort of medical help. Irrespective of the origin or cause i.e. due to anxiety regarding sexual performance, lack of intimacy with the partner, excessive smoking or excessive alcohol; it is not always necessary to go for medical help to treat erectile dysfunction.

A man only needs the treatment for erectile dysfunction when things blow out of proportion i.e. if the problem persists for a longer duration of time and starts to interfere with the regular life of the man. It is the time when a man must seek medical help. Sex is a normal activity. It is healthy and forms a normal part of the life of any man. But, there comes time when it gets less important for a man to sustain the erection.

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When this condition is diagnosed, the man goes through varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. The reason behind it is that there three major states in which the penis can stay. It could be fully erected, partially erected or limp. This could be because of penis’s physiology.

The easiest way to understand the physiology of penis is to imagine a series of cylinders or concentric tubes which are filled with other cylinders and chambers. Penis has a large cylinder which is called corpora cavernosa. Corpora cavernosa is composed of spongy tissues consisting of muscle fibres, arteries and veins and some other body fluids.

The arousal stimulation leads to blood flow inside the penis. The blood completely fills the cavity. This leads to enlargement of the surrounding muscles. The muscles engorge. There is a complex combination of circulatory, nervous, hormonal and other functions that cause an erection. Even after the presence of these functions, certain reasons and effects cause erectile dysfunction. Change in blood pressure, failure of muscle stimulation, nerve damage and several other conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The metal aspect too, is quite important. AN erection sustain due to the mental stimulation. Erectile dysfunction which occurs due to the absence of mental stimulation indicated an issue in the relationship.

The other mental aspects that can lead to erectile dysfunction include lack of self- esteem, anxiety and depression. These conditions are quite difficult to diagnose. They need attention while diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.


Irrespective of the cause being psychological or physical, erectile dysfunction can be effectively cured. It is advisable to consult the doctor before taking any treatment for erectile dysfunction. The treatment is quite effective but, it is always advisable to go for natural remedies to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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