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All You Should Understand About Viagra

Sildenafil citrate

Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) is a sexual enhancement drug. It is ideal for men who want to eliminate the embarrassment they face when they are engaging sexually. You shall notice that some men do not have the ability to last for many minutes when they are sexually active. This means they leave their partners not satisfied. However, when you use this drug, you shall

  • Boost your sexual confidence
  • Have the chance to last for many hours
  • You shall not worry about erectile dysfunction
  • Have the ability to enjoy sex

Recommended Starting Dose of Sildenafil citrate

About Viagra

When you use this drug, you shall not worry about poor performance. When you take into account your needs, you shall notice that this drug is highly effective, and it shall eliminate all the kinds of issues you have in relation to poor sexual performance.

Easily available


Many people want to use Viagra and they shall find it easily available. You do not need to worry that you shall run out of options when trying to invest in this drug. You can connect with the provider online or you can choose your local and trusted vendor. You have the chance of getting it when you are in need. Some people will want to have loads of stock, while some users shall find it easy to purchase when they are in need. You only need to know the trusted and reliable source and you shall get the right results.



Viagra is an affordable drug. With the current economic issues, many people will find it hard to bring food on the table. When it comes to the purchase of this drug, you shall not need to dig deep into your pocket. It is very affordable and you have the chance of getting the very best results when using it. Make sure that you follow all the correct guidelines when you are purchasing and this shall eliminate you from purchasing from unauthorized vendors who make it hard to get the original product.

Works immediately

Works Immediately

Some sexual enhancement drugs make it harder for clients to achieve the best results. You do not need to worry when you are using Viagra. This is a sexual enhancement drug, which shall work immediately. Once you start your sexual encounters, you only need to ingest it, and await the results. You shall not worry that you will disappoint since this drug works easily, and efficiently to arouse the user sexually.

Purchase using different means


Viagra is available in leading outlets and you can purchase it without any hitches. However, if you want this to remain a secret, you do not need to worry since you have the chance of choosing a vendor who can opt for private delivery. This means that you shall have packet delivered to your doorstep and nobody will know that you are using it. You also have the chance of using an approved vendor to purchase from the online sites. These are different ways, which give you the guarantee of getting the drug within your reach when you want. You only need to choose the efficient and reliable purchase method to get your sexual enhancement drug.

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Facts About Viagra You Need To Know

When Viagra is mentioned, most people usually misunderstand it or even misinterpret the effect. For that reason, this article is presenting you with some facts about this blue colored and powerful sex enhancer pill.

Facts About Viagra

Enhance Your Sex Drive With Viagra

Viagra 100mg

It is important for you to know that this drug does not stimulate sexual desire after being taken. So, you should not expect any magic from the pill as it does not work that way. Most people are just normal sexually but due to worry or stress they are not able to get erection hard enough for sex. If you are such person a single visit to counselor can solve the entire problem. For that reason, you should not always believe in taking pills even when you do not have need for it. The pill only helps to make penis erect when you already long for sex and get stimulated.

Things You Must Know About Viagra Viability

The viability of Viagra is always at its peak when it is taken base on doctor’s prescription. If it is recommended for you to take you will be sure of getting solution from the pill. So, if you are battling with sexual dysfunction, this pill can be of great help to you. It is also important for you to know that taking this pill with other medications like nitrate-base solutions and others can cause serious reactions in the body. In fact, men that are treating angina with any nitrate-based drug should keep off from this pill. More so, if you are battling with uncontrollable or low hypertension you should not take this drug.

Who Suppose To Take Viagra?

Viagra 50mg

Do you currently find it difficult to get it up for action on bed? Are you battling with sexual dysfunction but do not know what to do? Then, you are not to worry as what you need is the abovementioned pill. You will be qualified to take this drug if you are not at risk of some illness such as prostate tumor, diabetes, kidney disappointment, sclerosis, Parkinson diseases and spinal string or extreme pelvic harm. So to avoid being at high risk of the abovementioned NHS recommended online one tablet daily.

Alternative Solution To Sexual Dysfunction

Right from time immemorial, men have been making use of alternative alprostadil in their penis place of Viagra. This they normally do to enhance erection for sexual performance. It normally works by relaxing the muscle in the erectile tissue making it easy for blood to flow effortless into the penis. Notwithstanding the fact that this is always successful, most men believed that the problem associated with it is more than the benefit. There is also a framework known as MUSE inserted in the Urethra for the purpose of enhancing sexual drive. This tool is accessible from GPs in medicine.

The Use Of Vacuum Pump

Viagra 25mg

Vacuum pump comes in two different types powered with either manual or battery. This tool normally works by creating space in the penis giving enough space for blood to flow in. There is also insertion of ring at the base of penis to avoid the blood from moving out of the penis. The use of this pump does not have negative effect and erection can last up to 60 minutes. More so, despite boring mechanical arrangement involved in vacuum pump it is one of the most effective ways of enhancing erection. You can easily get the pump without need to visit a specialist.

There is need for couple to invest part of their time in foreplay in order to get the result they anticipated. The truth is that Viagra helps to solve the problem perfectly and you are the one to do the rest of the work.

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How To Use Viagra Correctly

Viagra has always come forth as a ray of hope for all the individuals who have been suffering from the longing problem of erectile dysfunction or ED from so long. This is the reason why a number of people rely on Viagra for their treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotency. But before starting your course of Viagra, you must learn a few things that would certainly help you to take Viagra more correctly, so that it could work more effectively on to your body.

The first and the foremost thing that you must know about Viagra is that it doesn’t cause an erection by itself. On the contrary, Viagra affects the circulation of blood in such a manner that brings or awakens an erection in a person. This certainly needs a sexual push or a sexual stimulation. In order to get sexually aroused, a consumption of Viagra is required. However, it is not just the pill that stimulates you sexually. You must indulge yourself into any kind of sexual activity to give it an effect.

Take Viagra without food if you want it to work better:

A number of studies have shown that men who have consumed Viagra in an empty stomach have received better and positive results out of this drug. The intake of Viagra prior to the substantial meal can slow down its entry into your internal system which further becomes a problem for some people as Viagra takes a long period to show its effects. Thus, consumption of Viagra in an empty stomach helps big time as the effect of Viagra in an empty stomach is not just bigger, but better as well.

Know about the doses if you want Viagra to work well on your body:

The initial dose of Viagra is meant to be taken by all those individuals who are on the initial stage of their treatment. This includes a consumption of 50mg Viagra orally, once a day. This shall be taken an hour before you get indulged in a sexual activity. Furthermore, the maintenance of Viagra ranges from 25mg to 100mg orally once a day, as required. Thus, as your treatment crosses the initial stage, you can increase the concerned dosage.

How to Find the Correct Dosage

Always buy Viagra from the source that is trusted:

According to a several reports, Viagra is considered as the most counterfeited drug in the history of medication. Thus, if you are choosing not to obtain a prescription for this drug and are wanting to get this drug online, you must choose a wise and a reliable source. Whether offline or online, the source of Viagra shall always be trusted. A wrong source of Viagra and its further consumption will certainly affect your overall health and may lead to a number of side-effects. Thus, choose Viagra from all the stores that have been licensed. Always pick the most reliable brand selling this drug. You must also inquire about this drug from your physician before actually buying or starting your course.

Viagra 100mg tablets

With Viagra Your Erection Will Be Harder and Longer

Physical interaction between the man and the woman is one of the most pleasurable relationships between the two. However, the satisfaction isn’t achieved up to the desired levels. Then comes the intellect of the human to cope with these hurdles to reach the climax. One of the out come of human intellect is the medication of Viagra. It is capable of amplifying the physical intimacy between you and your partner.

Viagra popularly known as blue pill is chemically Sildenafil Citrate, a potent nitric oxide releaser that ultimately causes the relaxation of smooth muscles surrounding the penile blood vessels. Dilated and tortuous blood vessels in turn cause the rapid filling of the corpus cavernosum of the penis and thus causing it to attain the erect posture. People all over the world prefer the most potent drug for enhanced sexual performance that is now available on our online Pharmacy in the highest quality available.

Erectile dysfunction is a notorious disease effectively treated with Viagra. Specialists often prescribe to their patients this wonderful drug. Available in several dosages as prescribed by the physician, the drug is supposed to be taken orally hour or two prior to engaging in the blissful interaction of love with your partner. Lasting for as maximum as four hours, Viagra makes your penis erect while you and your partner enjoy the ultimate sexual fantasy.

Generic Viagra is observed to cause a successful and sustainable erection in approximately 80% of men. It is specially designed for Erectile Dysfunction of men. Available in dosages of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, the drug is mostly prescribed to be taken not more than a once a day that is quite enough for most of the people. Order from our online pharmacy now from our quality store.

As a precaution, do not use Viagra as a sexual enhancer if you are already taking drugs such as nitrated and chest pain relievers, nitroglycerine, amyl nitrates. Viagra is also not advised in coronary heart disease, liver impairment, congestive heart disease and kidney disorders. High dosage of Viagra can cause decrease in the performance of optic nerves and may cause certain degree of blindness. The blue pill or Viagra causes severe hypotension and low blood pressure of inappropriately taken. Consult the physician if relevant to such conditions.

Apart from its use for recreational purposes, the drug is effective in treating the high altitude sickness and pulmonary edema due to height. Being popular among each loving couple, it is also the favorite of sportsmen to reinforce their performance.

Viagra treats erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension side by side because of its potent vasodilator effect. It relieves the blood vessels of lungs from constricting that would decrease the oxygen uptake by the lungs and reduce your respiratory performance during your lovemaking. If you are the one suffering from respiratory impairment and ED simultaneously, Viagra is perfect for you to use and initiate a frustration free life. Buy from our online pharmacy as prescribed from the physician and begin enjoying the taste of longest and finest love.

What It Feels Like To Take Viagra

If you wondered what it feels like to take Viagra, you can end you worries as all will be discussed here. This is just but a pill and taking it will not make your penis to start erecting uncontrollably except you are sexually stimulated. For that reason, you should not expect to start having erection when you just take the medicine if you do not have anyone to sexually stimulate your genitals. Medically, this medicine is formulated to be taken only when needed which made it unlikely for anyone to miss a dose. But, just like every other drugs, you should avoid abusing Viagra so as to avoid causing serious problem and health issues to your body.

Can a Pregnant Woman Take Viagra?

Though, there has not been any report about the effect of Viagra to unborn baby yet, it is important for you to stick to prescription while taking the drug. You should endeavor to communicate with your physician about your health condition and whether you are pregnant or not. This is will help the doctor to examine your body and know whether Viagra will be good and safe for you and the unborn baby or not. Furthermore, if you are breastfeeding a baby, you must ensure that you do not take Viagra without communicating that with your doctor.

Avoid abuse of Viagra!

Just like every other drug, you can get serious health issues and side effects if you happen to abuse Viagra. There have been most unpalatable stories and experiences of people that have abuse this magic blue pill. A news flash that went viral on the internet September this year has that a man injected Viagra into his penis and have erection for five days. That is the kind of problem associated with abuse of Viagra which made it important for you to avoid the abuse and stay safe.

Stick To Prescription of Your Doctor While Taking Viagra

Due to series of side effects associated with Viagra, it is important for users to follow strictly the prescription of their doctor. You must not overdose or under dose Viagra and if you happen to do that, contact doctor for emergency medication. This is to avoid facing serious side effects that can result to sudden vision loss, sudden low in blood pressure, heart attack, hearing problem and other related issues.

Viagra augments erection by impeding the action of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase. Phosphodiesterase is accountable for cracking down cGMP into GMP. cGMP is the primary factor in the process of erection because it makes the blood vessels of the penis to dilate. When the blood vessels of the penis dilate, small openings are created in their walls. Blood rushes out through these openings and fills the sinuses present in the erectile muscle of the penis. Amassing of the blood in the sinuses of the erectile tissue leads to erection. Men who face difficulty in erection are unable to maintain high level of cGMP in their penile vessels. Viagra helps maintain the level of cGMP upto the level required for erection. However erection will not occur if the person is not stimulated sexually.

Marriage and Use of Viagra

Available dosages of the drug are 25 mg as the starter dose and a standard dose for old men, 50 mg and 100 mg, the most commonly prescribed drug dosage. The tablets come in blue color pills with the drug dose engraved on one side of the tablet and Pfizer engraved on the other side. Contraindicated drugs are protease inhibitors, vasodilators, nitrates and erythromycin. Do not take the drug above the maximum recommended dosage of once per day. If you experience any of the side effects for a considerable time, immediately cease drug use and seek medical assistance from your physician to avoid its lethal effects. Possible side effects of the drug are dizziness, cyanotic vision, hearing loss, flushing, priapism, diarrhea, hypotension, headache and nasal congestion and runny nose in other individuals. Occurance of these side effects varies from individual to individual. Regarding its administration, take the drug half an hour before sexual interaction. The drug provides an erection time of four hours during which effective sexual stimulation would bring spontaneous and sustainable erection. If the starter dosage does not bring about effective results, increase the dosage gradually to a higher dose. If you have a history of liver problems, kidney diseases, heart problems or stroke, do not take the drug without physician’s consultation.

The Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction

The Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is nothing but the incapacity of a man to maintain a firm erection for long during having sex. This has become a common problem today and many people face the same at some point of their lives. According to an estimate, ED affects one in four men. There are a number of medical conditions that lead in the failure to achieve an erection in men. These diseases directly weaken the nerves and include the problems such as:

Physical Factors:

  • Chronic alcoholism
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Heart conditions
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Low testosterone
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid problems
  • Neurological disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Surgery

Non-physical factors:

  • Ageing
  • Tiredness
  • Worry
  • Anger
  • Work pressure
  • Financial burdens
  • Stress

The problem of ED can be treated easily in 90% of the total cases. The medical treatments such as prescription Viagra and Cialis as well as testosterone boosters help to stimulate the circulation of blood. At the same time, there are other means such as penile implants, vacuum constriction devices as well as injection therapies that support the erection in men for a longer period.

4 Pills Pack

However, the effects of erectile dysfunction are considered to be more severe for a man to survive. It could be a relationship and not entirely your failing erection which could create further problem for you and your partner. This reason also causes anxiety which also happens to be a severe after-cause of erectile dysfunction. A number of men getting trouble in gaining an erection also develop several apprehension as well as inhibited desire as a result of this anxiety which also results in the embarrassment that their erectile dysfunction has caused. These repeated incidents may lead to a persistent problem by the way of fear of it happening over and again. This later tends to become a psychological cycle and makes a person nervous if he experiences some form of ED. The problem of worry and anxiety thus always interferes with the sexual response, thereby creates a big performance issue.

This situation also turns sex into fear rather than enjoyment. Thus, sex becomes a big fear among a person and he starts treating the same as a big burden in his life, just like any pressure or work.

At the same time, fear entertains an important function. It could keep a person safe as well as alert. In the most apt situation, fear can give a person the energy to come out or help a person to ward off something that he feels is dangerous for him. Fear also happens to be one powerful emotion which creates a number of real physiological effects, some of which are cold sweat, cold hands and feet, dry mouth, trembling, rapid creation and a contraction of the sexual organs which eventually inhibits the erection.

If the instinct of fear attaches itself to something, it is not threatening you, but merely creating an anxiety. If you are making the use of your imagination to ponder over the sexual experiences, then you must need to change your thought process so that you could relate sex with enjoyment.

Erectile Dysfunction and Issue of Age

According to an institution in American that is concerned with Digestive, Diabetes, and Kidney Diseases, it was found out that many American males have erectile dysfunction, and the dominance of this medical condition is on the increment as it relates with their ages. A Little percentage of the males below the age of 60 experience this medical condition, few males experience this medical condition in around 60 years of age while some males experience erectile dysfunction at the age of 70 or above 70 years.

The risk of having erectile dysfunction may increase as the male ages but erectile dysfunction is not impossible to avoid as the male gets older. There may be some problems in having a penile erection as the male gets older but that does not mean the male has erectile dysfunction. Generally, having a great and successful sexual function depends on how healthy the male is.

Men Over 40

A study once revealed that men below the age of 40 can experience erectile dysfunction, and the ratio of males looking for erectile dysfunction treatment aged above 40 to males looking for erectile dysfunction treatment aged below 40 is 3 to 1. There has been some connection between erectile dysfunction, drug use and smoking in males below the age of 40 than those above 40 years. This means that some lifestyle choices or activities can add to the causes of erectile dysfunction in younger males.

In other to diagnose erectile dysfunction, the physician will have to ask various questions relating to the individual’s current health and the health history and questions will also be asked about the individual’s symptoms. There may be a test to be done in other to know if there is something else that may have caused the symptoms. The physician will have to do a physical test which will involve listening the individual's heart and lungs, checking for blood pressure, and an examination of the male's testicles and penis. In other to check the prostate, a rectal examination can be recommended. Urine or blood test can be done also to check the importance of other conditions.

Males should know a thing or two about nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test, this test involves using a small device powered by a battery, this instrument is tied to the individual’s thigh when sleeping. Evaluations are done on night penile erections and also storing of information which the pharmacist can make use of later. With this, the doctor will have a better understanding and knowledge about the individual’s penile function and also erectile dysfunction. An erection that occurs when the male is sleeping at night and it is a part of a healthful function of the male's sexual organ.

The medication for erectile dysfunction usually depends on the underlying reason. There may be the need for other treatments, which includes lifestyle changes, therapy or medications. The doctor can give prescriptions that will help in managing the signs of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes not all medications work, but the individual will have to get the one that works well. The ones that do not work well may cause side effects which can cause damage or problems.

Importance of sex: As we all know about the importance of sexual relationship among the couples. Every partner of the couple expect better from other one. If man can’t satisfy his partner, it will become cause of many problems and weak the relationship. The sex become more important as longer couple has been together. Many of women and men say that sex play a key role in a great a connection between partners. Sex has also two types. One is emotional sex and other is physical sex. Nobody deny from the importance of emotional sex for a better relationships. Partners have some emotional feelings and sentiments. These sentiments act like initiative for development of good relations. On other hand, physical sex is also very necessary. The man should be physically fit. He does not have any sexual disease. If he is facing the sexual problem, he must consult with his doctors. The main sexual problem among the men is erection dysfunction. Viagra is the medicine which is used to overcome this problem temporarily. Buy cheap Viagra Australia over the counter.

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Viagra for Pleasure Seekers

Viagra, the new oral prescription affirmed by the Federal Drug Association, for the treatment of feebleness and a standout amongst the most famous medications in the USA has experience harsh criticism recently due to the symptoms and conceivable threat of deadly responses to the pharmaceutical. This article will survey how Viagra functions, the symptoms and the precautionary measures for utilizing this energizing new medication.

  • Keep in mind How Viagra Works

For a great deal of men, Viagra speaks to a non-inconsequential budgetary venture. At the high rate per measurements, men tend to need to benefit as much as possible from their Viagra.

The main thing to recall is the way Viagra works. It doesn't in itself cause an erection, yet rather influences blood dissemination so as to realize an erection in the vicinity of sexual incitement. It is imperative to recollect that to acquire an erection, more is required than essentially taking a pill. Taking Viagra around an hour prior to you expect sexual movement is suggested for best results.

  • Taking Viagra Without Food Tends to Work Better

While it's not perilous to bring Viagra with sustenance, numerous men find that taking Viagra on a vacant stomach makes its activity more unsurprising. Taking Viagra after or just before a considerable supper can back off its entrance into your framework, on the grounds that your digestive framework is occupied with dealing with processing your nourishment. For a few men this is not an issue, but rather others see a postponement in viability when they bring Viagra alongside sustenance. In the event that Viagra is by all accounts taking longer than normal to work, inquire as to whether you've eaten a substantial supper in the previous hour. Assuming this is the case, that could be the purpose behind the postponement. One commentator put it along these lines: "I took it around an hour early and 90 minutes subsequent to eating. Other than a somewhat stuffy nose, I had no other symptoms." Regularly, liquor doesn't affect blood levels of Viagra, and Viagra doesn't affect blood levels of liquor. All things considered, taking Viagra when you're drinking can influence execution. Liquor alone can influence your capacity to achieve an erection. Numerous men find that while a little liquor can offer them some assistance with relaxing and get into the state of mind, an excessive amount of liquor can keep an erection. Taking Viagra without liquor makes things more unsurprising following you're evacuating the variable of liquor's consequences for sexual execution. On the off chance that you anticipate taking Viagra on a unique night that may incorporate drinking, it's shrewd to restrain you're drinking with the goal that you'll minimize any impacts of liquor on your capacity to get an erection. As one analyst said, "It will work for me in the event that I go up against it an unfilled stomach no nourishment, liquor or pop beverages for 4 hours; out and out water."

  • Continuously Obtain Viagra from a Trusted Source

The dangers of requesting what could possibly be Viagra from a maverick online drug store are basically excessively extraordinary. Your online supplier ought to have a road address in the Australia, and a AU telephone number. Your wellbeing is excessively profitable, making it impossible to trust to simply any online supplier guaranteeing to offer Viagra.

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