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Erectile Dysfunction As a Warning Sign

The fact is that Impotence is not really a deadly ailment, however, it can be a pointer to some other life-threatening issues. Men are a creature who require sex in order to remain alive, but that is not what we are talking about here, erectile dysfunction is one health challenge that can lead to some rather deadly health-related challenges. This does not, however, mean that having an erection is a pointer to being in good health, however, when you notice that your penis just won't rise when the occasion demands, then you should be sure that there is a problem somewhere.


When it comes to treating men who have issues relating to erectile dysfunction, most doctors are more worried about the condition of their hearts, it is believed that a variety of heart-related issues are more likely to occur with men who have issues relating to erectile dysfunction. Erections are basically a product of quality blood flow within the human penis. During the process of an erection, the vessels contained within the penis tend to lead to an erection. A number of diseases that affect the blood vessels can also impede the flow of blood into the penis. Conditions such as high blood pressure can lead to the abnormal flow of blood in the penis of a man and thus affect the ability of such an individual to attain an erection.

The Low Testosterone Angle

A drop in the sexual urge of a man could be a direct pointer to low testosterone levels or it could simply be a product of ageing. This does not, however, imply that every single person that has a heart condition is impotent. There is no direct single relationship between both conditions. The fact, however, is that there are certain cardiovascular drugs which have the ability to induce impotence in a man, for instance, there are certain drugs that are used to address high blood pressure can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Having said this, doctors who treat men who have issues relating to erectile dysfunction must always have it at the back of their mind that a heart situation may just be around the corner.

Aside from the factor of healthy circulation of blood within a man's body, the hormone testosterone is a very vital component of every healthy and strong erection, more often than not, men who have low levels of testosterone may also suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are a number of factors which may lead to low levels of testosterone within the human body, some of this problems include challenges with the pituitary gland which assists in the regulation of the sex hormone production, other factors include liver problems, thyroid abnormalities as well as problems with the testes of a man as well. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation whereby you are unable to attain an erection, then there is the possibility that something is tampering with your testosterone production levels and you may need to have it checked out.

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