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A Way To Show Your Love

Men are more desperate for sex or women? This is a tricky question and different people will answer in a different way. According to studies and my personal experience, men want to have sex more than women. Men always see the opposite gender as his sexual partner while it is not the case with women. But there is another important fact that during sexual intercourse, women want to have sex for longer period of time comparing to men demand. Men can get sexual satisfaction in a shorter period of time but women need 10-15 minutes to reach orgasm and without reaching there they cannot call it as a satisfactory sex. Sound knowledge about sexual intercourse is also very important for both men and women. Men should practices those ways which can increase the time of penile erection because it is very important during sex to maintain its erection. If man will ejaculate then he will lose the erection and the woman will remain unsatisfied. Women should also study her sex organs. If she will tell her man about the parts where she finds more sexual pleasure then it will be easy for him to give her orgasm in shorter time. The man should discuss the things which he needs to do during foreplay. Doing some special steps in foreplay can allows the woman to reach climax very early. All in all, both members of sexual activity should tell each other about their likings before starting the sex.

A Way To Show Your Love

Love is a pure and good feeling of someone for other person but the meaning of that word has quite changed. Nowadays, if one is finding other very attractive then he will start calling it as Love. But actually in love, man who loves the woman always try to keep her happy, respect her feeling, share her sorrows and support her whenever she needs it. Only finding someone attractive and going with her on date does not make you a person who loves other. Many men and women are unaware of this feeling that is why it becomes quite difficult for many of them to live a happy life after marriage. None of them is ready to compromise and the relationship ends in the form of divorce. The main reason behind divorce seems to be the lack of compromise in relationship which is very important to keep it alive. A good relationship is that in which both man and woman are playing equal part and no one has reason to blame other. If the man is giving proper time to her life partner without any burden of office work, and she is caring him even when she is tired then there is no chance of breakup. A healthy relationship needs the input of both man and woman. A good communication is also very necessary because sometimes they do not talk to each other after fighting on some issue. They should think about longer relationship rather than shorter in which every person prefers its own choice.

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