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Viagra: The Blue Pill

No other medication besides Viagra is trusted so much to cure impotence most effectively. Pfizer pharmaceuticals have been producing Sildenafil or Viagra since 1998 which has earned its popular name of ‘the blue pill’. Sold by thousands every week, Viagra is fulfilling the needs of male sexual satisfaction for years. The drug is observed to be eligible for men of all age groups. Viagra competes with irresponsive male sexual behaviors in incredibly reliable fashion.

You can Buy Viagra today and consult it to the doctor for the exact dose of the medicine as it might be different for two different individuals.

Chemically, Viagra belongs to inhibitor of enzyme group called as phosphodiesterases. PDE% is the key target of the enzyme action. Physiologically, erection takes place when the male body responds to appropriately applied sexual stimulus by producing NO from the vascular endothelial cells. NO acts on gyanylate cyclase enzyme to cause the production of a potent smooth muscle relaxant called as cGMP. After adequate level of smooth muscle relaxation of the penile vascular walls has taken place, the corpora cavernosa of the penis begins to accommodate an increased quantity of the blood thus assuming an erect posture to enable the organ to participate fully during the sexual interaction. The drug interferes with cGMP degradation by inhibiting the process to increase cGMP concentration. This brings an increased vascular dilatation thus more blood is available to fill up corpora cavernosa to cause erection even more efficiently.

Available in 25, 50 and 100 milligram tablets, Viagra is blue colored diamond shaped tablet the erection-optimizing effects of which are capable of lasting for four hours straight to ensure your satisfaction several times.

Blue Pill

If you are already taking nitrate drugs, do not consider taking Viagra otherwise severe hypotension might take place. Seek medical assistance incase of persistence of any unusual symptom or any of the side effects of the drug. Seek medical help if you need to increase your dosage. Do not take Viagra without doctor’s consultation if you had any kidney, blood, liver, and heart impairments in the past. Administration of erythromycin, HIV medications, nitroglycerine, beta blockers and protease inhibitors are also strongly discouraged to be co-administered with Viagra. Consumption of alcohol is also prohibited along with Viagra. If allergic responses occur, seek medical assistance immediately. Do not take the drug more than the advised dosage limit of one per 24 hours of time. Take the drug half an hour before sexual interaction to experience the drug effects at the time of your physical interaction.

Some side effects of the drug are upset stomach, hypotension, dizziness, nasal congestion, hearing and visual loss, flushing, diarrhea, headache and rash. Since the drug action also spreads on other PDE enzymes, blue vision and other unexpected effects might ensue. These signs are meant to last no longer than a few hours. If taken inappropriately, Viagra side effects might exaggerate to lethal levels.

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