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Next time you sit down for lunch or dinner just pause for a moment and see where your mind is engaged. Quite likely that it is busy with some issue that happened at your office or some other nagging issue is on top of your mind. With the result you are hardly aware of what you are eating. Mind is a very funny faculty which is like a monkey most of the times. Most of the times it is living either in the past or in the future but never in the present moment. But then if you look at its capability, it is amazing for it can travel any distance in a matter of seconds. But despite all of its marvels, if you try to get hold of it, you cannot succeed unless and until you train your mind with patience over several years. This is what you learn to do in meditation, to learn to stabilize the mind and its attributes.


Now that you have understood or recognised your monkey mind, you can make it a good practice to try and hold your mind on the food that you are eating. Presence of mind during eating as well as eating in silence is very essential. Oriental food preparations are colourful and exotic. The science behind this method is to ensure that all your senses of eyes as well as nose and tongue are cantered on the food and are able to excite the brain to release the required chemicals that can digest the food that is consumed. When you eat if you are absent minded then the chances are that the food does not get chewed properly and does not get digested or excreted resulting in build up of fat and cholesterol etc. Besides, you tend to eat more than required because you do not pay attention while eating which in turn adds to the fat accumulation.

In addition to eating, chances are that you do not eat in time or regularly. Many people do not eat the right food. They tend to follow unhealthy diet that includes high fat and high protein foods leaving out the required nutritients and fibres. Along with this kind of food habits, if you are hooked to drinking soft drinks, coffee or tea or smoking, then you are certainly attracting a lot of negativity into your life which you will not realise in a short time. Over a period of time when you are in your late forties it starts telling on your health. While many men develop diabetes, blood pressure and obesity related health problems, many more people start feeling lethargic and head for midlife crises. At this stage it is quite likely that your personal life too will get affected. Normally during this period the testosterone levels in the body begin to reduce and this process is quicker in case of people with obesity or other health related problems. Most men in such circumstances tend to develop problems with erectile dysfunction. This is when you will need to act quickly to solve the problem before it starts affecting your relationship with your spouse. Get an appointment with the doctor immediately to discuss your problems. This is a natural phenomenon and has a solution. The doctor will prescribe Viagra which increases the blood flow to the penis and solves the erectile dysfunctional problem.

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Many men find it difficult to go to the chemist shop and ask for Viagra. You have an easy and effective solution for this problem too. Order Viagra online and you can have it delivered to your home. Your problem gets solved before your spouse gets to know of it.

At the end, it helps to live in the present, be active, watch what you are eating, eat right, live healthy, exercise and maintain good fitness to be able to enjoy life.

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