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Need For Overhaul Of Sexual Health Education Interventions

Today we are living in exciting times. Ours is the so called information and technology age. Internet as well as globalization have erased the physical barriers, opened up the minds of people and given voice to the unheard. Many of the uprisings happening around the world, especially in the Middle East have been enabled due to the internet.

Sexual Health Education

Our lives have changed beyond recognition. Not only in terms of physical quality or standard of life, all aspects of our lives including the system of family and society are changing. It is but natural that evolution brings about change in all aspects of life of people.

Medical care was never so good ever. Inventions and new methods of diagnostics as well as treatments have enabled people to improve the quality of life as well as manage life threatening diseases like cancer. Organ replacements have become the common order of the day. Medical community as well as the social health agencies are working towards preventive health programs for people in order to ensure better health management by the people themselves. One of the key areas of utmost important to all societies across the world happens to be the sexual health management. In the current society that provides for free sex, different sexual orientation and individual liberties, this topic bears the burden of ensuring preventive and educative sexual health management services especially for the target group of teens and youth who form a sizeable part of the adult groups.

Sexual health management programs are initiated and supported by the Governments of countries for the benefit of their citizens. Health experts as well as sociologists are able to map the concerns as well as the trends in the society and advise the Government on policy making as well as regarding the programs and interventions that are to be designed to meet the needs of the target groups. Scotland Government’s work in this area stands to be one of the most effective and important examples of social welfare objectives by the authorities. National Sexual Health and HIV advisory committee on behalf of the Government of Scotland sponsors and conducts detailed survey and studies on effectiveness of sexual health interventions with research help from National Health Services in order to direct the future programs as well as improvements required at the national policy level as well as the execution and implementation levels.

Managing the sexual health of the population is an uphill task. Long term education aimed at providing knowledge, changing attitudes as well as the beliefs coupled with teaching the target groups about effective sexual interventions both at clinical and non clinical levels need to be worked out. In the current times, social media as well as mass media need to be used as the effective medium for dissemination of the sexual health intervention information.

Educating the youth especially the teens in school as well as the special groups is very important. The current school programs that deal with the sex education are not adequate to meet with the needs of the children today. We need comprehensive sexual health program that is rolled out at schools as well as using social and mass media and other main stream delivery channels.

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