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Contraindications of Sildenafil

There are some specific chemical contributions of this medicine in the body. Therefore while taking Sildenafil, it is highly emphasized to stop taking any other medicine. Moreover this medicine is also being taken by the youngsters as it is the most effective medicine while treating the problems of erectile dysfunction. The doctors have specified the types of patients who should strictly avoid taking this medicine and should not at any cost take it unless advised by their physician.

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Who should not take Sildenafil?

Following conditions are strictly advised not to take Sildenafil.

Use of Sildenafil for recreation

The popularity of this medicine is increasing day by day especially among the youngsters. In fact this usage has been increased nowadays. Nowadays it is recognized as a popular medicine as it is associated with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The major reason behind the use of this medicine is that Sildenafil is an efficient drug in increasing the libido among many males. It improves the sexual performance by causing the penile erection for a longer time period. In addition to this, the medicine can also increase the size of penis for a long time or even permanently. However there are few evidences which prove the use of Sildenafil for the purpose of recreation.

Effectiveness of Sildenafil

Usually it has a marked effect in people who are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Very few effects of this medicine have been observed in those people who use it without having the problem of erectile dysfunction. In many cases it is known to decrease the time period after ejaculation and before refraction. A placebo effect to a significant level has been noted in a control group using this medicine.

Some users have been reported to mix the contents of this medicine with MDMA or other stimulants of such kinds. This is done in order to compensate for the side effects observed as a result of erectile dysfunction.

Effectiveness in Jet lag

A research was carried out in 2007. In this research it was found that this medicine is equally effective in treating the problems associated with jet lag. Other than this, many professional athletes use Sildenafil and they believe that after using this medicine, their blood vessels get opened and open a rich supply to their muscles. In this way maximum blood supply is directed towards their muscles and they can perform in sports much better.

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