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The process of sexual intercourse forms a strong bond between the two partners of a loving couple. Impotence puts a fatal effect on the sex life of loving couples. The major factors inviting the ghost of impotence to reside in the penis include noise pollution, air pollution, mental stress and unbalanced dietary habits. Pfizer, a spectacular pharmaceutical company, has given a hope to millions of couples formerly living with the worrisome condition of impotence to rekindle the sparks of sexual relationship through its incredible product Viagra being manufactured by this company since 1998. Although a number of drugs are available for the treatment of impotence but Viagra is the most commonly prescribed drug for this crippling disease. Viagra kills impotence effectively.

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Mechanics of erection:

The process of erection takes place under the influence of incoming signals from the central nervous system to the penis. These incoming signals stimulate changes in the vasculature of the penis to bring about erection. When the person gets affected with the disease of impotence, signals do come from the central nervous system but necessary changes, required for erection, do not take place in the penis in response of signals from the brain. Vessels of the penis do not undergo dilation in response to signals from the brain, a step required for erection. Viagra brings about erection in the men suffering from impotence by assisting the blood vessels of the penis to undergo dilation. Viagra performs this unique role by inhibiting the action of an enzyme phosphodiesterase which causes the destruction of the factor which is involved in the dilation of the blood vessels of the penis.

Necessary cautions and limits to observe:

Since, the drug enters the blood and reaches the body organs where it is degraded and metabolized to be excreted out of the body after its use. The primary organs linked with the drug metabolism are liver and kidney. If you have problem with any of the two organs, do not take the drug with the recommendation of your physician. The drug also not advised if you are a heart patient, especially if you are the one taking nitrate containing heart medications. Erythromycin and protease inhibitors are also contraindicated with the drug. Possible side effects of the drug are dizziness, diarrhea, priapism, cyanotic vision, auditory loss, hypotension, and headache. In case of persistence of any of these side effects, immediately contact your doctor to avoid any long term damage to your body. Taken orally, the drug is administered half an hour before sexual interaction involving sufficient sexual stimulation is begun with. The erection time, Viagra claims to provide is four hours minimal, if the required dosage does not provides the standard erection time, increase the dosage with physician’s recommendation.

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