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Love is a Many Splendoured Thing

I have just finished seeing my two special patients off. It is late in the evening and i have got to rush home. Rest of the evening is going to the same routine. Take the train home, have a bath, cook dinner and so on. The time that i get to sit and pray for a few minutes is always my special time. This is when i thank the lord for helping me touch the lives of people who come to see me. While it is time for me to close my office and start home, i will have to wait for some time for it is raining outside.

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The lovely couple whom i consider special patients are very sweet and special indeed. Jessica and Aaron moved to this city two years ago. While Jessica works as a ophthalmologist, Aaron does not have a steady job and keeps working as data entry operator and whatever other jobs that he can get from time to time. From afar they look like any normal couples. But when you get nearer to them you see them clearly. While Jessica is beautiful, slender, she is very quiet and petite but with a strong strength of character. She can rise up and face any situation. Aaron on the other hand is little bulky and tall. His one eye is slightly defective and besides one hand is polio affected. As a person you will find Aaron the sweetest individual with the heart of a flower. He too comes across as a very honest and straight forward but humble person who cannot hurt even an insect. Despite being married for four years they do not have any issues which are the reason why they have come to see me.

Having known them both for a while now, i have no doubt that Aaron will make a best father and Jessica an outstanding mother. In fact their life story too is no ordinary story. Aaron has gone through a lot in life since childhood. Having lost his mother to cancer early on, he has had to live with his drunkard father and look after all other siblings. Years of doing all sorts of domestic duties at home has made him one of the most sensitive human beings. He has seen a lot of abuse as well as poverty in his life. Despite a hard life, he has never lost faith in God and his love for other people has only been increasing by the day. Jessica being his teacher’s daughter had seen him since early childhood. She had seen her father try and make an extra effort to accommodate Aaron through private coaching just to ensure that Aaron could get educated. In fact when Aaron began going to the university it was Jessica who stepped into her father’s shoes to give him tuitions. Somewhere along it was Jessica who saw the pure loving heart of Aaron and fell in love with him. Aaron hasn’t been able to hold on to a steady job or take on the responsibility of providing financially for him and Jessica after their marriage. But this doesn’t seem to bother them much and they manage very well because Jessica has a steady job. What is amazing is the respect and love that they have for each other despite their inequalities of income. Jessica openly admits that Aaron is her emotional anchor and that without him beside her she cannot dream of facing a day.

Medically there is nothing wrong with Jessica or with Aaron. I have run diagnostic tests to confirm that both are doing fine. Over the years i have learnt to recognise the mental and emotional blockages in my patients which could be causing the problem in between them. I could see Aaron having some kind of emotional block and he was holding back himself due to some unconscious anxiety. A few sessions with the psychiatrist has worked well for Aaron and now he seems to have overcome his hidden anxieties. I have put Aaron on a daily dose of Viagra for a little while and this should do the trick. As they go out holding hands and getting into their car, i can see two beautiful children with them. Am determined to do my best and cannot wait to prey tonight and ask the lord to bless them.

In consider myself blessed too for having been into a profession which gives me the chance to meet such wonderful human beings. I remember my childhood story that an angel spread gold dust around me and in the morning they all turned out to be flowers, grass and so on. I believe in this dream for i know that god sprinkled gold dust to make special human beings like this with heart of gold.

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